Monday, December 20, 2010

Latest RC test

If you have installed the 1.9.1rc2 RC patch, see if this Windows client works for you. Please make sure to leave a comment if it does or does not work for you!

For those osx/linux users out there, here is a working diff. Put it into your elc source directory and run:
patch -p1 < awnagepatch20101220.diff

It does not separate out the chat by month unfortunately, but everything else should work as expected.

If you encounter a crash it is most likely because you have not installed the new image/actor files yet.


  1. Basically fine. Couple issues: 1)Item side of quickbar is a little wonky. Shows icons for slots 7&8 in position 1&2. May have to do with position as it covers EL logo? 2) Auto-open storage, auto-open bag and "Repeat Last Action" not enabled for me .... Other than that, fabuloso!

  2. I replaced the original file with a new one that should fix this.

  3. Mostly wonderful. Need help with 1 thing though. Since 12/22 my chat has been going to chat_log.txt, instead of chat_log_201012.txt. I installed EL RC2 on that day, and also your new update. But I also made logging changes around that time, so I'm not sure if the problem is with the new client or something I messed up. Any thoughts?

  4. Yes, I did not include the chat log separation code this time. Who are you in game?