Thursday, September 20, 2007

Addictions and Tech Trees

I just uninstalled Crack-Attack from my machine. I was playing it a little too often. Also some of you will notice that I have not been on EL all that much lately. I just installed a new harddrive in my laptop and had to port things over and recompile. For some reason the EL client plays fine but my Awnage one dies on loading. Not sure. At any rate, I am busy and have things to do. Plus a new official client is supposed to come out in November, possibly with archery and tailoring support.

I was browsing The Linux Game Tome and came across FreeOrion which is a turn-based space game. One of the screen shots for it had a tech tree. Dang what a sweet interface! I remember a while ago that some brave person made a knowledge tree for all the books in EL. Not that I have the time, but it would be so sweet to have a graphical knowledge browser in the EL client as opposed to the current list. I was working for a little bit on making the existing list sortable, but got bored.