Tuesday, February 23, 2010

EPM Patch

Submitted the ExperiencePerMinute patch #002936 to Berlios. Kind of fun to watch it while harvesting. Now to get permission for Awnage....

Edit: Permission granted to add to full client on Feb 23,2010: "Yes, I guess it won't hurt. Post it in the programming forums and ask for someone to apply the patch."
I bet a lot of you are wondering what is happening with Awnage. Well, I took a several month break to focus on other things. Played some Runes of Magic which is really sweet but lacks a community aspect. There is a new client to be released rather soon (1.9). I have updated my patch files so we should be able to get out a Awnage 1.9 before too long.

Hatwood gave the suggestion to add an exp/min counter in the counters which I may implement if I get around to it. Remember, suggestions are always welcome, just post a comment so I can see them.