Saturday, June 28, 2008

PSA: Exiting Gracefully

Tired of accidentally logging off when trying to use an inventory item? Frustrated from disconnecting when hitting alt-x? Well, here it the solution to your woes!
  1. Find your key.ini file
    (in Gentoo it is in /usr/share/games/eternal-lands/)
  2. Add two very simple lines anywhere in the file:

  3. ...
  4. Profit!
The above example will make you need to hold down your shift key (either one actually) in order to exit. You could also change it to something like LALT F12 if you really wanted to.

Along with this, I am not going to hard-code the change into the Rivan client because this is something that everyone can do. You can look at the key.ini file and change other things if you want as well!